Get the most out of your savings.

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Why should you avail of the Regular Savings Plan service?

  • Cost - Averaging

    With the regular investing in fixed amounts, you stand to benefit from the cost-averaging strategy. Cost-averaging is recognized as one of the most successful strategies to overcome the effects of market fluctuations which works best in volatile markets. RSP for Investment Funds will allow clients to harness this strategy to their advantage and possibly enhance their returns compared to investing in lump sum.

    Sample computation
    Month Contribution NAV per unit / share # of units / shares Market value
    0 - 173 - -
    1 10,000 171 54.48 10,526
    2 10,000 172 58.14 10,465
    3 10,000 174 57.47 10,345
    4 10,000 168 59.52 10,714
    5 10,000 165 60.61 10,909
    6 10,000 170 58.82 10,588
    7 10,000 168 59.52 10,714
    8 10,000 167 59.88 10,778
    9 10,000 163 61.35 11,043
    10 10,000 167 59.88 10,778
    11 10,000 174 57.47 10,345
    12 10,000 180 55.56 10,000
    120,000 706.70 127,207
    One-time RSP
    Average cost per unit / share 173.00 169.80
    Accumulated units / shares 693.64 706.70
    Ending Market Value 124,855 127,207
    Gains 4.05 % 6.01 %

    The figures quoted above are meant for illustration purposes only and are not indicative of future returns.

  • Convenience

    Your designated CASA will be debited automatically so you don't need to provide periodic instructions.
  • Minimal fund requirement

    You gain access to investment funds for amounts lower than the usual minimum requirement for investment funds. You can choose from a wide selection of products including money market, bond, balanced (or mixed) and equity funds. RSP is available in both peso-denominated and US dollar-denominated investment funds.

The RSP is a service which automatically moves a fixed amount of money from your designated Checking Account/Savings Account (CASA) into an investment fund* of your choice for a specified period. Depending on how much money you are willing to invest, you can enroll to the RSP for as low as Php 20,000 or $500 per month.

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Terms and Conditions

* Investment fund refers to a Unit Investment Trust Fund or a Mutual Fund booked through your broker, Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines, Inc. ("CFSI"). Investment fund is managed by a third party trust department of a bank which is not affiliated or connected with CFSI, Citibank® N.A or any of their subsidiaries and affiliates.

Investment products: (i) are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or any other government entity; (ii) are not bank deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed, issued or insured by Citibank® N.A., Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines, Inc. (CFSI) or any of their subsidiaries and affiliates and (iii) are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Investment products are not available to U.S. persons and may not be available to residents or nationals in certain jurisdictions.

** Please note that as in any investments, neither the RSP nor the investment fund assures a profit and guarantees against a loss in declining markets.

For any concerns, you may contact us at (632) 8995-9999 or send us a message here or e-mail us here. CFSI is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission with telephone number 8584-1119 and Insurance Commission with telephone number 8523-8461.