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When making investments in the Philippines, make Citibank® your investment partner and take the first step towards achieving your goals. We understand that each individual has unique needs and aspirations. Hence, we offer an extensive range of investment products and services to help bring your unique financial goals to life. Whether you want to plan an early retirement, fund your child’s education or enhance your wealth, we have investment plans for your needs.

Our carefully evaluated investment options and personal advisory services will ensure a smooth investment experience. What’s more, we will help you make sound financial decisions with the latest insights on market movements and global financial trends. Schedule a financial check-up with us and start investing today!



Citibank® believes that each individual has unique needs and aspirations; therefore, no effort is spared in the pursuit of each of our customer's goals.

As your partner, we will help you understand global trends by providing you with up-to-date research on market movements so you can make sound financial decisions, bringing you closer to your goals. We also have an array of innovative financial products to fulfill your needs at any stage of your life, be it to secure your child's future today or simply to mature your wealth allowing you to enjoy a rewarding and successful life.

Schedule a financial check-up with us and together, let us set out to achieve your goals.

Select from a wide range of Investment Options

Money Market Instruments

Money-market encompasses a process of organized exchange wherein the participants can lend as well as borrow large amounts of money for a short period of one year or even less. It is also a great investment product for individuals and businesses who want to invest in short-term securities that offer an ideal combination of liquidity and returns.
There are different types of money market instruments, such as STIPs, money market mutual funds, etc., that can be used for short-term lending and borrowing. To get the best out of such investment products, you can contact Citibank.

Bonds and Notes

Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in bonds. They are fixed-income investment products that can help investors raise capital and earn interest. Bonds provide full principal repayment after they mature. They are also relatively safe forms of investment products that provide several benefits and help an investor in diversifying the investment portfolio. Citibank offers bonds and notes that will let you build your investment profile. Check them out online on our website or contact us to get professional expertise for your investment needs.

Investment Funds

Get access to professional fund management and a wide range of investment opportunities that align with your risk profile. With the professional assistance offered by Citi, you can select investment products that will let you diversify your portfolio and help spread your risks. The more products you invest in, the less vulnerable you will be when it comes to losses arising from a single investment. You can even bank on Citi’s expertise when it comes to asset allocation and financial markets. By leveraging Citibank's professional assistance, you can build your investment portfolio seamlessly.

Benefits of Investing with Citibank

Certified Investment Specialists

Citibank offers you more than just the privileges of everyday banking. You can rely on us when it comes to selecting the ideal investment products that will help you diversify your portfolio according to your requirements and limit your risks. Leverage on the expertise of our trained and certified investment/wealth specialists who will analyze your investment options. Once the evaluation is done, you will be offered investment products that align with your needs.

Financial Goal Planning

To achieve your financial goals, you must create a roadmap that is not too challenging but realistic and convenient for you to achieve. However, you might not have the means or access to the right products that will help you plan your financial goals. So, if you wish to plan your financial goals in a doable way, you can use Citibank's online Financial Goal Planner. It uses intuitive technology that offers beneficial insights and results. It is user-friendly too. Take advantage of it and start your planning without any delay.

World-Class Assistance

It is always a good choice to take the assistance of a professional when it comes to planning your financial goals. As the financial market is never stable, a professional can offer expertise on markets and trends. The insights will help you select the right investment products and diversify your portfolio to limit your risks and incline more towards potential returns. Citibank offers world-class assistance to benefit you. Utilize our financial expertise to plan your goals and achieve them at your own pace.

Consolidated Portfolio Statement

A consolidated portfolio statement is a type of account statement that provides investors with all the important details on his/her mutual fund transactions. The statement provides information about the sales and purchases that can help an investor keep track of the performance of the mutual funds in which he/she invested. These statements also display all the holdings across mutual fund schemes. Citibank provides you your consolidated portfolio statement every month so that you are aware of the performance of your invested funds.

Professional Management

Our qualified professional will assist you in getting the most out of your money. Your invested funds are continuously monitored and analyzed by our seasoned research teams. The continuous monitoring process helps add value to your investment. With our expert management, you can invest in products that can yield potential returns.


At Citibank, you are provided with regular updates and information on your fund’s holdings. You are also provided transparency on your fund manager’s strategy. As a result, you will have all the necessary details that will help you get a clear picture of where your invested funds are utilized and how they are performing.

Intelligent Investing

Investing all your funds in a single investment product can be risky because if it does not perform well, you might incur heavy losses. Hence, it is always a wise idea to diversify your investment portfolio by spreading it across different industries and geographic locations. So, if one investment product does not yield a favorable outcome, there remain chances of the others to perform well. So, your risks of incurring only losses will be much less. It is also extremely rare for all your investments to decline simultaneously in the same proportion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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An investment can be an asset that is created with the intent of growing wealth. The generated wealth from an investment can be used by the investor for a variety of purposes such as personal requirements, repayment of loans, retirement planning, purchasing of assets, and more. There are two ways through which investments can grow your money; You can invest in assets that can be sold to generate income via profits, or you can invest in a plan that generates returns. All in all, investments are a great way to utilize your money and grow it too.

There are different types of investment products that you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Stocks: You can invest in shares of any company to get dividends in return.

  • Bonds: Bonds are investment products that let you receive a fixed interest at regular intervals. They also offer face value once they mature.

  • Mutual Funds: In this system, funds are collected from investors and invested in shares and bonds. These funds are managed by fund managers. You can invest in equity funds or debt funds.

  • ULIP: ULIP or Unit Linked Insurance Plans are investment products that offer investment as well as life insurance benefits. It means a portion of your insurance premium is invested in various funds that yield returns.

  • Provident Fund (PF): Provident fund is a saving scheme offered by the government. You can invest funds and also earn returns on them.

Investing is important if you wish to grow your wealth. You can surely save a portion of your salary each month in your locker but doing so will only give you a reserved fund. The saved amount might not satisfy your life goals or meet your emergency needs. Investing your money on investment products will let you earn extra, so you will have funds that will help you achieve your financial goals. There are several investment products offered by Citi. With our expert guidance, you can select the best ones that align with your needs.

Investing is important if you wish to grow your wealth. You can surely save a portion of your salary each month in your locker but doing so will only give you a reserved fund. The saved amount might not satisfy your life goals or meet your emergency needs. Investing your money on investment products will let you earn extra, so you will have funds that will help you achieve your financial goals. There are several investment products offered by Citi. With our expert guidance, you can select the best ones that align with your needs.

The overall idea of investment funds can be attributed to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Grow your wealth: One of the most common objectives of investments is to grow wealth. By investing in investment products, you can get good returns and profits on the invested funds.

  • A steady flow of income: Investments can act as your secondary source of income. For example, you can invest in income-generating investment products that can help you after you retire.

  • Achieve financial goals: By simply saving a portion of your income might not generate adequate funds. Investments help one earn dividends and returns on the invested funds. For example, if you invest in funds that have a short lock-in period and high liquidity, you will earn more than you invested.

The other objectives are combating inflation, retirement planning, keeping your funds safe, and more.

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Investments are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed or insured by, Citibank®, N.A., Citicorp or any of their affiliates or by any local government or insurance agency and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance, prices can go up or down. Investors investing in instruments denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss in principal. Investments are available only to investors who are neither citizens, residents, nor green card holders of the United States.

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