Transfer money fast and free using PesoNet!

Transfer money fast and free using PesoNet!

You can transfer funds via PesoNet using your Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online and the beneficiary will receive the funds on their account in full value within the same banking day, provided that the fund transfer instruction was sent within the 3:00PM cut-off. You can transfer to any PesoNet participating financial institutions.

It is convenient, reliable, secure and most of all FREE!

PesoNet is a new electronic funds transfer service that allows customers to transfer funds in Philippine Peso currency to participating banks, e-money issuers or mobile money operators.

What are the features of PesoNet?

Domestic Transactions Available for funds transfers from a Philippine account to other Philippine accounts in participating financial institutions.
Flexible Transaction Amount Transfer any amount per transaction. Please do take note however of Citibank’s daily limit on domestic funds transfers which is currently at PhP153,840 for Citi Priority clients and PhP256,400 for Citigold clients.
Same-day Full Value Transfer  Full value of the funds are made available to payees/beneficiaries on the same day (subject to sender’s financial institution’s cut-off). No deductions to recipients!

Will I be charged a fee if I transact via PesoNet?

It’s for FREE! Citibank, in its effort to facilitate digital banking in the Philippines, does not charge clients in transferring money using the PesoNet platform.

However, for returned PesoNet transactions, there is a standard fee of PhP100 per transaction to be charged by the receiving financial institution.

When PesoNet transactions are returned to their sending or originating bank e.g. Citibank, the receiving financial institution charges Php100 for processing the incorrect PesoNet transaction.

Receiving banks will only charge because of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Beneficiary Account Number.
  • Incorrect Currency. Please note that PesoNet is only for Philippine Peso currency.
  • Limit exceeded. These are cases where crediting the PesoNet payment instruction would cause the account balance of the recipient to exceed maximum limit. For example, Cash Card of some domestic banks have a maximum balance limit of Php100,000.00.
  • Order Cancelled. These are cases when the sending client would like to recall or retract a PesoNet transaction that was already processed.

To avoid returned transaction fee, we wish to remind you to verify the details you input whenever you transfer money domestically using Citibank Online, Citi Mobile® App or over the counter.

Which banks can I transfer to via PesoNet?

There are over 40 BSP Supervised Financial Institutions (BSFI) composed of Foreign, Domestic and Rural Banks who are active participants of PesoNet. Please visit to see the full list.