Citibank Auto Savings Plan

Saving made easy.

Auto Savings made easy with Citibank Philippines.

Saving up for your dream is now easier with Citi Auto-Savings Plan:

Citi Auto Savings Plan


Whether it's letting your kids play in the snow or making sure you have enough for retirement, saving up for your dream is now easier with Citi Auto-Savings Plan:

What is Citibank Auto-Savings Plan?

Citibank Auto-Savings Plan automatically transfers a portion of your funds to a savings account. You can set up different accounts to save for particular goals (travel, gadget, car, capital for business, retirement, etc).

Understanding Automatic Savings Plan

HOW MUCH Determine how much funds you can set aside
HOW OFTEN Set-up automatic crediting weekly, monthly or quarterly.
HOW LONG Automatic crediting may be set-up for a minimum of 6 months or up to 1 year.
WHERE TO PLACE FUNDS Choose to open a new account or assign an existing account tailor-fitted to either short-term savings, long-term savings or investment.
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Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.

Citibank is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For inquiries or complaints, you may contact Citibank at 8995-9999 or the BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department at 8708-7087.

  • Citi Check Protect.

Terms and Conditions

Auto-Savings Plan (ASP) CASA-to-CASA


  1. The Auto-Savings Plan CASA-to-CASA (referred to as the "Product") is a regular savings program where a specific amount (referred to as the "ASP amount") is transferred from the source account to the destination account on a regular basis (referred to as the "ASP frequency") during the tenor of the ASP.
  2. The source account is the account identified by the Client from which the ASP amount will be debited.
  3. The destination account is the account identified by the Client to which the ASP amount will be transferred.
  4. The client may nominate any of his existing accounts as source and destination accounts. Client may also open a new account and nominate as the destination account.
  5. The client shall specify the day of the month (for monthly ASP frequency), day of the week (for weekly ASP frequency), or month of the year (for quarterly ASP frequency) when the auto transfer of funds shall be done (referred to as the "debit date") (e.g., 10th day of each month, Wednesday of each week, January 10 and every succeeding 4th month of each year.).
  6. Funds transfer shall be made at the beginning of the debit date.
  7. The minimum ASP amounts are Php 5,000 for peso accounts and USD 100 for US dollar accounts. The client has the option to designate a higher ASP amount.
  8. Transfers can only be made between accounts of the same currency (i.e. Peso to peso, Dollar to dollar).
  9. ASP frequency is recommended to be monthly. The client has the option for weekly and quarterly transfers.
  10. The Auto Savings program will have a minimum duration of 6 months or up to a maximum duration of 12 months. The client may renew the ASP for another year after the end of the initial term.
  11. The prevailing interest rates will continue to apply to the source and destination accounts, subject to compliance with the minimum balance required to earn interest.
  12. All fees, including transaction count fees, on the source account product will apply.
  13. The client should ensure that the source account is sufficiently funded one day before the debit date.
  14. If there are not enough funds in the source account at the beginning of debit date, the auto-transfer will not proceed. Partial funds transfer will not be made.
  15. The client may enrol in the Auto-Savings Plan by filling out the Auto-Savings Plan form at his branch of account.
  16. The client may cancel or change the details of the Auto-Savings Plan at any time by filling out the Auto Savings Plan form and submitting it to his branch of account.
  17. For CBAW clients, the destination account shall be tagged as TRB waived for one year only.