Use your credit card the right way.

Use your credit card the right way.

Your credit card can be a powerful asset when you're staying home.

A credit card allows you to make purchases conveniently wherever you are, without having to bring cash. With Citi’s superior online security feature, you can use your credit card without any worry.

Plus, your Citi credit card allows you to earn points, rebates, miles every time you use it.

5 ways to make your credit card your friend

Ensure your card spend stays within your limits.

A credit card gives you spending power, not more money to spend. When you make a purchase using your credit card, make sure you can settle the bill when it arrives.

Pay the full bill on time every month.

When you receive your bill, try to schedule payment on or even before the due date. This will help you establish a good credit history, which will be useful when you apply for a higher credit limit or a loan.

Rack up rewards.

Most credit cards today give cardholders rewards points to encourage loyal spending. Accumulated points can be exchanged for rewards such as gift items, shopping and dining certificates, and more.

Join promotions.

Get into the habit of checking out your available credit card promotions. There is a whole list for you to browse and select, such as retail promotions, dining offers, subscription rewards and many more. You may also consider referring your friends or family to enjoy further rewards.

Read the fine print.

Your credit card comes with terms and conditions. Reading the fine print will lead you to understand the entire deal as opposed to only reading what the bold print. Also, Reading more about your credit card may lead to interesting discoveries such as a low-cost insurance exclusive only to your card.

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