How much should you pay?

How much should you pay?

Cardholders are required to pay at least the minimum amount due each month.

Whenever possible, pay your bill in full every month. If you do not, the remaining due will be subject to interest charges and your balance will be carried forward to the following month.

If you pay the Total Amount Due by the due date:

  • No late fees
  • No interest charges

If you pay at least the Minimum Amount Due but not the Total Amount Due by the due date:

  • No late fees
  • Interest will be charged

If payment is not received by the due date:

  • Late fees will be charged
  • Interest will be charged

Cash advances are easy, but come with interest.

The illustration above is only applicable when your outstanding balance does not include cash withdrawals made from ATMs or cash advances.

While making a cash advance is easy, it comes with a fee and is charged interest from the date you make the withdrawal. This means that even if you pay in full by the due date, you will still be charged interest on your cash advance/s.

Find out more about Citi Cash advances here.

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