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The 6 Kinds of People You Meet at a Dinner Table

Which one are you?

The 6 Kinds of People You Meet at a Dinner Table

Every person in your circle has different personalities, which is why get-togethers can be pretty interesting. We listed six kinds of friends that are probably familiar to you—or maybe you can relate to one of them!

The Health Buff

The Health Buff doesn’t go to the gym for vanity. He goes so that he can keep strong and healthy (and maybe to train for his next race or triathlon). He’ll probably come to your dinner fresh from the shower exuding that post-exercise glow and invite you (for the nth time) to join his workouts. He puts a premium on his well-being and believes that keeping the body in tip-top shape is probably the best thing you can spend your money on. He'll probably also order the grilled fish again, so stop trying to convince him to get the burger.

The Discount Fashionista

Curious about when your favorite clothing brand will next have a sale? Ask the Discount Fashionista: she has alerts on all the best online and offline boutiques. She knows exactly where the best deals are, and while she’s always on trend, she doesn’t spend more than she can pay. In fact, she probably has the highest credit limit in the group, just because she always pays on time.

The Life Planner

The Life Planner is that friend you can ask advice from when it comes to long-term plans, such as insurance, investments, and everything in between. Among all of you, he’s probably the person who can confidently say that he knows where he wants to be in the next five years, but that doesn’t make him a bore—the fact that he knows exactly what he wants and how he can get it makes him the pillar of your group. He's a smart saver who also knows when to treat himself.

The Heartbroken Traveler

Scrolling through her phone while you and your friends update one another over food is the Heartbroken Traveler, who has probably visited five beaches in the past two months. Exploring new adventures led her to discover surfing, and she's been on the prowl for seat sales and sporty bikinis since. The good news is that she doesn’t seem to be that lonely over her recent breakup anymore, and she’s beginning to travel for the sheer fun of it.

The Enterprising Artist

The friend who always gives handmade stickers as pasalubong for you is the Enterprising Artist. His growing Instagram following may find him mysterious, but you know he's actually more approachable than he seems. He was brave enough to quit his ad agency job to pursue his passion, and business is actually booming. He gets a good income from bazaars and commissions, which is probably why he just suggested that coffee and dessert will be his treat this get-together.

The Squad Boss

She’s the one who always calls for a get-together; the person who knows what’s good on the menu whom you can always rely on to split the bill for everyone. The Squad Boss isn’t bossy; she just likes arranging everything for everyone and is pretty darn good at it. In fact, she has an arsenal of credit and discount cards that help her get the most out of all the establishments you dine in. Her favorite quote is, "Sayang ang points." (Learn the other perks of being a credit card holder here!)

You’ve all been friends forever, and each one has a role to play. But no matter how well you know the group, they always surprise you with insightful life and career advice that keep your conversations going ‘til closing time. What else are friends for?

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