Smart Habits Successful People Adopt in Their Personal Lives

Smart Habits Successful People Adopt in Their Personal Lives

Find out what your life pegs have in common outside of work.

Habits of successful people

Thanks to social media, we are constantly updated on the lives of our peers-including those whose corporate careers have skyrocketed, the self-made entrepreneurs, and a few travel junkies who seem to spend most of their days in airports and first-class lounges. What are they doing differently? Read on:

  1. They don't forget to exercise. Yes, we're serious. Author Thomas Corley conducted a study and found that we should spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising. In the book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, he writes that daily aerobic exercise feeds and cleans the brain, "and increases your intelligence, each and every time you engage in it."
  2. They never want to stop learning. According to Grant Cardone, on average, the most successful CEOs read 60 books a year... in between attending seminars and conferences. Don't think you have the time to crack a book open? Download audiobooks! You can listen to them on your daily commute.
  3. They don't spend everything they earn. A common mistake most people make is to spend first and save what's left of their paychecks-which usually isn't much. Successful people, however, know to set aside a fixed amount for whatever goal they have at the moment and then dutifully pay the bills next before they "reward" themselves. Learning the art of delayed gratification is tough, but necessary.
  4. They aren't afraid to manage their money. People who are financially literate know how to manage their cash flow: they use credit card points, rewards programs, and know when to maximize opportunities to pay in installment. On the other hand, those who don't operate on a budget are either too lazy or too scared to find out where their money's going. (Need help creating one? We've got you covered!) They don't want to be weighed down by the guilt of their expenses so they avoid tracking them.
  5. They look for more opportunities to grow their empire. A misconception about successful people is that they stop working once they've amassed a fortune. But the truth is, they work even harder to sustain that position, whether it be through a raise, a side hustle, or a source of passive income. Additionally, successful people know that the tail end of their careers would be their "biggest earning years," which keeps them on their toes.
  6. They make decisions based on logic, not emotions. Financially successful people, for the most part, don't just depend on their gut feeling when making big moves because irrational decisions could be costly. Instead, they rely on strategies, often as advised by a mentor or other professionals. So don't be afraid to find someone to guide you along the way. Successful people know when to ask for help, too.

As you strive to make better financial decisions, small oversights are bound to happen.

If you happen to go over your credit limit, we understand. Which is why we don't charge you a fee. We help you stay on track with features like this to keep things simple.

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