Life-Changing Trips You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Take

Life-Changing Trips You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Take

You won't regret it.

Life-Changing Trips You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Take

More than a click of a camera and a virtual stamp on social media for today's equivalent of "I Was Here" vandals, traveling should ultimately nourish one's soul. (You don't spend your hard-earned money on "likes" alone, after all!) It's a great reminder of our need to connect, not just with other people and cultures but also with ourselves. So, step away from your comfort zone and go on these purpose-driven adventures:

Offline Travel

Though technology bridges distances, nothing truly makes one feel connected than actual, real-life interactions. Don't miss the whole point of connecting with your destination by living it all on social media. More so, find the best-rated restaurant in town, translate commute signs, and navigate streets by asking locals and using printed guides. It'll test your planning skills, street smarts, and teamwork with loved ones when on-the-go.

Travel tip: Start with backpacking around the Philippines for that added home base security before moving on to bigger and farther destinations. Take note of deals on restos and flights beforehand to plan your offline trip smoothly.

Flying Solo

Level up living independently through navigating destinations you've never been to, learning languages, making friends, and living like the locals do. Discover confidence you didn't think you had, open your eyes to different points of view, and learn something new when traveling by yourself.

Travel tip: Safety and convenience is a main concern for first-time solo travelers, so choose destinations that are tourist friendly. Take precautions like using anti-theft gear, communicating with your credit card before traveling, not taking too much cash with you, and knowing the Philippine embassy contact info wherever you go.

Explore New Passions

We learn best from experience. Continuously feed yourself with new knowledge to be ready for opportunities you didn't know were open to you. Fly to Spain and learn the art of cooking their delectable cuisine, join a painting workshop at Paris' art center Montmartre, or learn how to weave textile with our local tribes. The sky's the limit!

Travel tip: Studying may take time so choose workshops and offers that fit your schedule. Plan way ahead and check for seat sales to get the best out of the deals.

Connect With Nature

More than appreciating what the earth has freely given us, connecting with nature reminds us that it's not always about you. We live in a diverse system with other living creatures we're supposed to take care of. Go on a hike and camp out, paddle board through rivers, or dive into the watery world. You'll find that nothing is as energizing and humbling as reveling in Mother Nature.

Travel tip: As you fall in love with your home planet, you'll want to protect her all the more. Be wary of littering, endangering the balance of ecosystems, and utilizing single-use plastics.

Helping Out Through Missions

No matter the situation of our lives, we can always give back. Fill up your inner “joy tank” by reaching out to those in need. Join medical missions, help rebuild homes in far-flung areas, or pack and deliver care packages to destinations hit by calamities. Why not organize your own mission with friends? We can never have too many organizations helping out the unfortunate.

Travel tip: Get in touch with the local government to know the requirements before setting up your own mission. Contact other organizations in the area for the kinds of help that haven't been tapped on to maximize the collective effort.

Nervous about going off alone? Remember to update a few family members about your whereabouts so they'll know where to find you in case of an emergency. And if you really need that extra push, look for a like-minded buddy you'd be comfortable traveling with! Part of the experience is in learning how to connect with people, after all.

Saving up for your next trip? We've got you covered.

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