Credit card myths: How much do you know?

Credit card myths: How much do you know?

1. How much of my credit card bill should I pay?

  1. Full amount. Paying on time and in full can help increase my credit limit. (4 points)
  2. Minimum. As long as I don't miss the minimum payment, my credit standing remains good. (2 points)
  3. It doesn't matter if I pay my bills on time as long as they get paid eventually. (1 point)

2. How much should I spend on my credit card?

  1. Max it out. What's the use of having a credit limit if I won't use it in full? (1 point)
  2. About 30 percent of the credit limit. My card needs to show some activity and also to make use of its annual fee. (4 points)
  3. Only when needed. I can just pay everything in cash so I don't have to worry about monthly payments. (2 points)

3. How often should I use my credit card?

  1. During an emergency. I'm saving my credit limit when the need arises. (1 point)
  2. Regularly. I can use it not just for purchases but also for utilities, I enroll these on my credit card so I pay only once a month and there are also the rewards. (4 points)
  3. Once in a while. I will use it when buying appliances. (2 points)

4. Having any kind of debt is bad.

  1. False. Installments in zero-interest payments have its own perks and freebies. (4 points)
  2. True. Having debt can cripple your financial standing. (1 point)
  3. As long as I can pay the monthly minimum payment, then I’m good. (2 points)

5. I can never pay off my credit if it is not in full.

  1. True. I need to raise the exact amount needed to clean up my bill. (1 point)
  2. False. Credit card companies can design a payment scheme that will be convenient for my current financial status. (4 points)
  3. I can just pay the minimum every month until I can pay it in full. (2 points)

6. I cannot use credit cards for purposes other than shopping.

  1. Credit cards are also used to pay government fees, insurance premiums, and other similar purposes. (4 points)
  2. I use it only for buying something at the grocery and department stores. (1 point)
  3. I can pay my house utility bills with my credit card. (2 points)

Credit Card Expert (22 - 29 points)

You did your research and continuously learning every time you use your credit card. You care about your financial standing and consider yourself a responsible credit card owner. You maximize the use of this mode of payment and know how to earn the rewards needed for other purposes such as travel. Your bank loves you.

Credit Card Practitioner (14 - 21 points)

You have an idea of the functions of a credit card but have not discovered its full potential in your life. You are a responsible credit card owner but still need to explore the other good things that come with using a credit card. Credit cards have many purposes and are not just for cashless purchases or earning points. It can also help you ease the burden of missed utility bill payments if you enroll these and charge them to your credit card. Plus, you get to earn rebates, rewards or miles in return, if you own a rewards or cash back card. You can always inquire to your bank and ask help if there are things you are missing out on.

Credit Card Novice (7 - 13 points)

You are probably a first-time user. It would be better to talk to a banking officer or bank representative. You can also do your own research and read up on advice at Make sure to weigh in on your capacity to pay your bill when the monthly statement arrives in the mail to avoid any additional - and unnecessary - overdue payments.

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