5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Move Out

5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Move Out

Are you ready to take that big step?

Independent Living

Starting a life all on your own can be pretty exciting, but while the idea of coming home to an apartment that you paid for is awesome, the novelty can wear out quickly once you realize that you'll have to start doing everything on your own. Level up your game and get real about the whole "adulting" business to thrive in your own independence. Here's what you need to prepare for:

  1. You'll need to buy your own groceries. One nice thing about living alone is that you get to choose the brands you prefer. But to avoid going overboard on your wants, make a list of everything that you'll need in the next week or so, and group them according to use or household location so that you won't miss an item. At the grocery checkout counter, pay with a credit card that gets you big rebates, because you never know what other special offers will come your way.
  2. You'll need to cook your own meals. It'll be easy to go for fast food or canned goods, but quit opting for what's instant, and make your body something healthy to process. Cooking can admittedly be complicated at first, but you can look at it as something that can help you relax, because creating a good meal can actually give you a sense of well-being. If all else fails, you can always eat at a good and healthy resto and try again another day.
  3. You'll have to do your own chores. Those plates in the sink won't wash themselves. It's important that you learn to maintain your space well. Learn a few handy home tricks like how to fix a clogged drain or change a light bulb. A well-maintained home can save you a great deal of money because you won't need to keep on replacing things that break due to neglect.
  4. You'll have to pay your own bills on time. Paying your monthly dues is something that you'll need to be attentive to because you don't want to go home and suddenly find that your electricity has been cut. To avoid missing deadlines, make sure to put an alert on your phone to remind you of these important dates, or better yet, charge your bills to your credit card and enroll them via your online or mobile banking app so that your utility company can automatically bill you through it once your amount due is available.
  5. You'll learn to appreciate a good discount and smell a great deal. When you begin living on your own, you'll realize the importance of every peso. You check which items are on the buy-one-get-one counter or look for exclusive deals for certain credit or discount card holders. Earning points through purchases can actually improve your cash flow (and even get you bonuses like airline miles and rebates), so best to read the fine print to make the most out of promos!

It'll be extremely challenging in the beginning, but as they say, it only takes 21 days to form new habits. Resist the urge to do things "the easy way" and you'll find yourself in a better place—both physically and mentally—sooner than you think.

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