Shopping Tips Only Long-time Credit Card Holders Know

Shopping Tips Only Long-time Credit Card Holders Know

There are varying reasons why some people opt not to get a credit card: It could be because they think they can't handle paying the bills, or that it's always better to pay in cash. The thing is, credit cards can actually level up your lifestyle when managed well—which is why there are those who have stuck with one card and one bank for decades. Here are the perks that long-time credit card holders don't tell you:

Good credit standing = better perks.

Having good credit standing means that you're abiding by the rules of your credit card company and you pay more than the minimum required amount every month. When you're in the green with your bank, you get to enjoy your card's perks, such as rewards points, rebates, and even higher credit limits.

Building a relationship with your bank will give you first dibs on many offers.

Long-time credit card holders often know their bank's most recent promos through social media and mailers. While some would find it unnecessary to get to know their bank, many long-time card holders actually build relationships with theirs. Add this with good credit standing then you might just become a preferred customer who receives complimentary tickets to much-anticipated musicals or get news about luxury brand sales before anyone else.

You get to manage your money better.

Those who have had their card for ages know that swiping plastic doesn't mean that an item has actually been paid for. Instead, they think of it as having the chance to defray and schedule their expenses better, especially when they take advantage of zero-interest schemes. Credit cards can help you get what you need and want while giving you the freedom to pay for them in increments, and if you're efficient with handling your budget, this will work wonders for you. The trick is to NOT spend beyond your means—use the card to manage the timing of your cash flow.

You get upgraded to a more premium card, which means more shopping power!

Often, banks offer good customers card upgrades, which opens a whole new world of perks. Aside from getting bigger credit limits, high-end cards give you access to more exclusive venues and allow you first dibs on first-class experiences. Some even offer better reward point schemes and bigger rebates, so best hold on to your plastic and manage it well.

Keep in mind that these perks and privileges depend on your bank, so it's always best to regularly visit your credit card provider's website or follow their social media accounts to learn about promos and special offers you can use to maximize your benefits.

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