7 Ways to Be More Productive Online

7 Ways to Be More Productive Online

Do you remember being young and a little too excited to grow up? Now, as an adult, everything you have to worry about outside of work seems like a major chore or a distraction. The good news is that with the advancement of technology, a lot of the "adulting" you need to accomplish daily can be done online. Here are some of the ways you can consume your mobile data allocation more productively:

Download a workout app.

Before you sign up for a gym membership you know deep down you won't be able to maximize, you might want to download an app instead. Most workout apps are customizable, which means you can avoid exercises you hate without skipping a session altogether. Some even have built-in coaches, if you need someone to motivate you to keep going. To get you started on your fitness journey, download the 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout App, or if you're really busy, sweat it out fast with the 7 Minute Workout.

Keep track of the calories you consume.

A healthy lifestyle is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. To make sure you're fueling your body properly, an app or online sheet can help you keep track of your calorie consumption. An added bonus is some programs can also record the calories you burn. A reliable favorite is MyFitnessPal, which even has the calorie count of several local dishes like sinigang and kare-kare.

Learn something new every day.

Whether it's a pop culture podcast, an app that teaches you a new language, or a non-fiction eBook, learning something new and relevant is more enriching than scrolling mindlessly through your feed. Sure, those cat videos are pretty cute, but considering how much time we spend in traffic nowadays, it might be better to use all that lull time to check out apps like Khan Academy, Duolingo, Udemy to expand your knowledge instead. You can also try QuizUp for an interactive experience (or if you're just really competitive!).

Avoid long lines and send in customer service inquiries online.

Whether you're curious about a new promo being offered for a limited time, or have a billing issue that needs to get addressed ASAP, knowing how to reach the right customer service platform online can save you time, money, and resources. Follow the social media pages of the products and services you're subscribed to, and take note of the best way to reach them depending on your concern.

Shop from the comfort of your home.

Online shopping has a lot of perks, including exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts. Plus, you won't have to sit in two- or three-hour traffic. Win-win. Now, some of these exclusive deals are only available via partner banks and credit card companies, so don't forget to double check for any special offers when making a purchase.

Buy groceries.

Sure, we have takeout meals delivered, which is convenient, but not always healthy. Now, there are online services that do your actual grocery shopping for you. A trained shopper will buy all the products in your virtual shopping cart and deliver it to you at your preferred date and time.

Use mobile banking apps.

One of the most stressful aspects of being an adult is having to deal with your finances—on top of everything else life throws at you. By using a mobile banking app, you can transfer money, pay for bills, monitor transactions, and stay up-to-date on special offers. You can even apply for a credit card and you won't have to worry about not meeting the requirements or having incorrect documents because you have the option to scan your required documents and conveniently upload them using your mobile device. And the best thing? You have access to all of these anytime and anywhere.

It's easy to sit back and just scroll through social media during your downtime, but your accomplished self will thank you once you're reaping in the benefits of these productivity hacks. (You can always catch up on your cat videos and memes on weekends, anyway!)

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