6 Things Your Child Needs in Their Study Space

Here's how to create a conducive space for remote learning at home.

Just as grown-ups need a well-designed work-from-home set-up, it's necessary for children to have their own learn-from-home set-up as well. This isn't just to keep up with the demands of online schooling during the pandemic. When schools open up again-and they will-kids will appreciate a designated spot at home that they can use as Homework Central.

So, Mom and Dad, here are some items your child needs in their learning space at home. These can help boost their productivity 100 percent. (You can apply some of these design ideas to your own work-from-home space as well!)

A desk and chair with the right height

A functional desk and chair combo sets the tone for your child's study space. It gives them a fixed spot to study at and keep their school things in.

However, not just any desk and chair will do. Make sure that both are the right height relative to your child's. Use a tool to compute that if you want it to be exact. A desk and chair with the correct height can do wonders for your child's posture. A straight back, even shoulders and hips, and knees pointing forward eases stress on your child's body. In turn, a relaxed body will help them focus more and feel less fatigued.

Bright natural lighting

Good lighting provides plenty of benefits to your child's physical, cognitive, and behavioral development. One is that good light enhances concentration. Studies say bright light can help form new synapses, boosting your child's capacity to learn. Additionally, natural light improves mood.

So, if possible, place your child's study area beside a window where natural light can come through. Evidence shows that children in well-lit classrooms with lots of natural light can read more fluently and figure out math equations more easily.

Storage solutions

Clutter is a given for students. The best way to nip this in the bud is to organize. Get shelving with bins assigned to specific items-art materials, pens and pencils, projects, books, etc. Stackable trays are also a good idea since they save on space.

Organizing their space will greatly minimize distractions for your child. In addition, it will teach them to be responsible for keeping their things in order.

Personalized effects

Perhaps it's a good idea to get your child a desk in their favorite color. Or put up a flex board where they can hang certificates, sports medals, or anything else they're proud of. Anything that helps make their space feel like their own helps - as long as it doesn't distract from their main task in that space, which is to learn.

A clock

Completing tasks within a given timeframe is a skill that will help set up your child for success later on. Place a clock within their line of sight. This will keep them mindful of the time and teach them to manage it effectively.

Good ventilation

Set up your child's study space in an area of the house where the temperature is just right. Also, if possible, find a spot where natural breeze can freely pass through. It's nearly impossible to study well in stuffy places, or where it's either too hot or too cold.

With online learning here to stay for the near term, setting up a well-designed study space for your child at home is crucial for their academic success. Need help building this space? Citi Personal Loans can be the manageable financing solution you need. Get the amount you need, fast, with flexible terms of up to 5 years. With that taken care of, you can focus more on helping build your child's future.

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