5 Reasons Why the Holidays are the Best Time to Upgrade your Home

Here's how to give yourself and your family the gift of a better, more comfortable home.

The holidays are usually a time for celebrations and out-of-town trips. But these days, more of us are staying at home for safe get-togethers with our immediate family and loved ones. Because of this, the focus has shifted to our living spaces-how to improve them, make them cozier, and get them up-to-date.

Thankfully, the holiday season is the best period for upgrading your home. With all the holiday sales and promos, you'll be able to score that big-ticket item you know you need. And to help you along with your home improvement projects, a Citi Personal Loan is the easiest to apply for with a high loan amount of up to P2 million without any collateral or guarantor, it has the fastest approval time at as quick as 24 hours, and it offers flexible payment terms of up to 5 years. You'll finish your home upgrade just in time for Christmas!

You'll get your Thirteenth Month Pay and other bonuses

This is one of the most obvious reasons, as the holidays have the biggest influx of income. However, you must set your priorities (and budget) straight, or else you might see your bonuses slip through your fingers! Renovate and decorate within your means; prioritize which space or room needs to be worked on first and focus on that. And if your home needs more work, Citi offers easy personal loans with flexible terms for important improvement projects like these.

There is more time for small home improvement projects

That extra week off before Christmas is perfect for tackling modest renovation projects. In a few days, you can accomplish simple renovation jobs such as repainting, small maintenance repairs, or redecorating a room. An important tip to remember: To maximize your time, shop for all the furniture and building materials you'd need a couple of weeks in advance.

Watch out for end-of-season sales

When summer ends and the "Ber" months come in, stores tend to mark down last season's products to make space for newer holiday collections. But that doesn't mean that last season's pieces aren't any good! Take advantage of the lowered prices to score furniture in light, neutral colors, décor in natural materials, and outdoor lighting or garden accessories-these summery pieces can be used year-round.

New appliances and furniture models are introduced

Big brands usually save their major product launches towards the end of the year-usually from October until December. The holidays are the perfect time to purchase the latest models of refrigerators, air conditioners, sofas, lighting, and so forth because sometimes they sell these items at introductory prices. If you need a little boost to finally acquire that dream appliance, a Citi Personal Loan might even be a more manageable payment option than swiping your credit card.

The weeks before and right after Christmas are filled with last-minute deals

Department stores and boutiques capitalize on their consumers' increased spending power during the end of the year. Because of this, these stores usually hold flash sales and promos on the weekend or days leading up to Christmas. And here's a decorator's secret: the best time to shop for Christmas décor for the next year is right after the holidays, when all those decorations go on sale!

Happy holiday home upgrade to you and your fam!

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