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Funds Transfers
Transfer funds among your Citibank accounts, to another Citibank customer, to another bank, or abroad - all without having to sign anything.

Transfer Between My Citibank Accounts

Short of funds in your Checking Account? Need to withdraw at the ATM? With Citibank Online, moving your money around has never been easier.

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1. Transfer within Citibank accounts are NOT ALLOWED in the following cases:
• Peso to Dollar transfers
• Transfers to and from a blocked account.

2. Please take note of the type of source accounts which you may use for the following transfers:
• Transfer to Another Bank – source account may be a Peso or a Dollar account.
• Transfer Money Abroad – source account should be a Dollar account.

3. A maximum daily limit, per banking day, of USD 3,000 or its Peso equivalent is set for transfers to third party accounts. This is to further safeguard your security. Please note that this limit does not apply for same account transfers.

To further illustrate, the limit applies to the following transactions:

• Transfer to Another Citibank Account in the Philippines
• Transfer to Another Bank in the Philippines

This limit also applies to payment of your bills using the Pay My Bills facility under Transfers and Payments.

4. Transfers to a local bank or to a bank abroad is processed within 2-5 banking days.

5. Fees imposed on Transfers are the following:

• Transfer to Another Bank in the Philippines
- Peso Transfer – PhP 100
- Dollar Transfer – transfer amount x 0.0025, minimum of USD 20.
• Transfer Money Abroad – cable charge plus commission:
- Cable Charge – PhP600
- Commission – transfer amount x 0.0025, minimum of USD 20.

Fees charged by Citibank branches for transfers done at the branch are the same with Citibank Online.

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