Take Charge of Your Money.

Take Charge of Your Money

Citibank partnered with to produce a weekly section on personal finance management called "Take Charge of Your Money." Starting out as a regular column, it soon became an interactive discussion as readers began sending in their questions on personal money matters.

Here, we share the most popular articles of the editorial series to help you make informed decisions for yourselves and your families, and secure your financial future.

How Much Are You Worth?

If you have to put a price tag on yourself, what amount would you pick? Determining your true net worth in real pesos is the first step towards financial independence.

Make a Financial Plan

Have a financial road map to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be in 1, 5, 10, 30 years or more.

Financial Needs Change Over Time

By anticipating your needs, you'll be better prepared financially to meet your goals.

Early Birds Catch Cash-Rich Worms

Whether you're a fresh graduate or someone who has been working for a few years, you must build your personal wealth. With wise money management, you'll be able to live well and prepare for your future adequately.

Getting Established in Your 30s

The thirties is the time when you should be firming up the foundation for your financial future.

In Your 40s and 50s: Reaching Investment Peak

Grow and manage your wealth so you can continue the good life in the future. Retirement, after all, may just be 10 years away.

Reaping Rewards in Your 60s

If you have diligently managed your personal finances in your younger years, this may indeed be a time to fully enjoy the rewards of years and years of working.

Save Smarter, Not Just Harder

You won't need to borrow when unexpected emergencies come up, and you'll have enough to make that long-awaited purchase for a car you've long desired.

Investing Your Hard-earned Money

You may want to consider keeping some money in a savings account and invest the bulk elsewhere.

Using Online Banking to Improve Your Finances

Enjoy round the clock banking - all you need is a computer and an Internet connection to transact with your bank.

Play Your (Credit) Cards Right

Your credit card can work for you or against you depending on your spending habits. If you are in control of your purchases, your credit card can be a most convenient tool.

Do You Need a Financial Adviser?

There are many things happening in the world of finance and investment, and we could all use the wisdom and expertise of experienced advisers.