Supported browsers to bank online.

PC and Browser Settings.

You are recommended to use supported and updated browsers to ensure that your internet banking is secure.

Web Browsers / OS: Windows Mac OSX iOS Android
8.1 8 7 Vista XP 10.10 10.9 10.8 7.1.2 7 4.1.2
Internet Explorer 11 X X
Internet Explorer 10 X X
Internet Explorer 9 X X
Internet Explorer 8 X X X
Chrome 35 X X X X X
Chrome 32 X X X X X
Chrome 31 X X X X X
Firefox 33 X X
Firefox 30 X X X
Firefox 28 X
Firefox 26 X X X X
Firefox 25 X X X X
Safari 8.0 X
Safari 7.0 X
Opera 12 X X
Opera 10 X X X X
Tablet Local Browser X X X X
(Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)
(Kindle Fire HD)

NOTE: We do not recommend that you download beta versions, since they are experimental and may undergo significant changes before they're released. Please only download the final version.

If you are not ready to upgrade your browser, or you do not use one of these operating systems, you can still visit our site. However, should the browser be rejected, you will need to upgrade your browser for free from the company's web site.

How can I tell which browser version I am using?

For Windows Users:

  •    -    Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ - Menu > Help > About Internet Explorer
  •    -    Mozilla Firefox - Menu > Help > About Mozilla Firefox
  •    -    Google Chrome - Wrench icon, top right corner > About Google Chrome

For Mac Users:

  •    -    Safari - Safari > About Safari