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Say hello to the new
Citi Mobile® App experience.

It's quicker, it's easier to use, and it's the app that's all about you.

We are working hard to create the best banking app, starting with our credit card services. Enjoy control of your card matters, whenever or wherever you are.

We will soon be extending this experience to more of your banking products.

Now, find out what makes managing your credit cards so fast and simple.

Citi Mobile Token

View your balances, transactions, statements and available credit limit right under your personalized card images.

Get the lowdown on your card benefits and offers, while keeping track of your rewards points, miles or rebates - all in one place.

View and download your last 12 months' statements.


Activate your new card and create your Cash Advance PIN in less than one minute.

Conveniently pay your bills on-the-go.

Can't remember how much you spent? Type in the accredited merchant's name and our intelligent search quickly shows you the exact transaction.

PayLite After Purchase
Balance Conversion
Get Cash

Enjoy the option to convert a portion of your latest credit card balance into monthly installments.

Transactions with this icon  PAP-MBOL  mean that you can choose to convert them into monthly installments.

With just a few simple taps, eligible cardholders can get cash from their credit cards, which can be repaid in monthly installments. It is paperless, hassle-free and application outcome is instant.

Overseas usage
Citi Mobile Token

Forgot your credit card Cash Advance PIN? Create a new one securely so you can withdraw as you need.

Misplaced your credit card? Temporarily lock it to prevent misuse. Found it? Unlock your card with a tap.

Authorize your transactions in-app, with an Unlock Code known only to you.

Screens shown are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to the Citi Mobile® App for actual and accurate screens.


How do I see this new experience?

If you only hold a Citi credit card, you will be able to experience it once you login. If you hold multiple products, you will need to tap on the credit card balance on the account summary page after you log in in order to be taken to the new experience.

What can I do?

We've made it really simple for you to manage your credit card:

  • Activate a new credit card to start using it to shop immediately.
  • Set up your Cash Advance PIN to enjoy cash withdrawals at ATMs.
  • Pay your credit card bills.
  • Lock (and unlock) your card temporarily in case you have misplaced it.

We'll keep improving! Stay tuned for more features to follow.

I received my credit card, how do I activate it on the Citi Mobile® App?

In the new experience, look for the "Activate now" button on the image of your new credit card. Tap on it to activate the card. You can also activate the card from Settings settings.

I seem to have misplaced my card. How can I ensure that my card cannot be used while I'm searching for it?

You can lock your credit card anytime using Citi Mobile® App to block any new, non-recurring charges to your card.

Just select the card you want from Settings settings to lock it. Once you've found it, you can unlock it also through the Citi Mobile® App.

Recurring transactions will continue to go through.

How do I view my credit card transactions?

Choose your card by swiping left or right. Swipe up for full transaction details. You can also search for transactions using search on the top right corner.

What does the blue calendar icon PAP-MBOL next to the transactions on my card mean?

The blue calendar icon means the transaction can be converted to a monthly installment plan. Learn more.

How do I view my credit card statement?

Choose your card by swiping left or right. Click on the "Statements" tab, swipe up and select "View billed transaction" for full statement details. You can also view or download a pdf version of your statement by tapping on "PDF" button on the top right corner of your screen.

How do I make a payment to my card?

Tap settings and select "Pay to card". This option is available to customers with Citi checking or savings accounts. Follow the steps on the screen to complete your card payment.

How do I pay a bill using my Citi credit card?

Tap settings and select "Pay a bill". Follow the steps on the screen to complete your bill payment.


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