Recognizing talent and unlocking the potential within our people is the key to our success.

CitiLife. Recognizing talent, tapping possibilities and unlocking the potential within our people is the key to our success.


It speaks volumes when a company has a presence in over 75% of the world's economies and over 200 years of innovative financial service. Being a part of Citi® means you join a global community that serves individuals, communities, and nations. Here, the brightest minds face the world's challenges with the solutions of tomorrow. We strive to capture the greatest opportunities and outcomes for our clients and customers with products that are progressive and responsible. We are an institution that succeeds on a global stage, we are your global bank – We are Citi.

Career Fulfillment

Citi has emerged as one of the most innovative and exciting financial companies in the world. We are a place where clients want to do business and employees want to build their futures. We offer a range of high quality solutions and services that are unmatched in the industry. And, as a result, we are able to provide our employees with career opportunities that are truly without equal.


With our presence in over 140 countries, your talent could open the doors to a world of possibilities. Since Citi® has an expansive global reach, we find solutions for challenges in ways that take advantage of our diversity and internal mobility. This means that you can access greater opportunities to advance your career. We promote exchange programs and cross functional projects that allow our people to collaborate and discover new perspectives to enhance their careers.


Here at Citi®, we take the wellbeing of our employees seriously. That's why we have measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people. We also like to encourage and reward those who excel at local and regional levels with programs that recognize their achievements. Our innovative reward programs are equipped with incentives that keep our workforce motivated and driven to meet the challenges of today–for a better Citi® tomorrow.


We firmly believe that employee development is the key to our future success. At Citi®, our diverse team nurtures an environment where people who perform well are rewarded and provided with the right opportunities. We actively support talent development from internships for students, to management associate programs for employees who display leadership potential. In addition, we have innovative business leadership programs and E-Harvard virtual training programs to empower the attributes of our workforce.