Hand-picked expertise.

Hand-picked expertise.

Team of Experts

The Citigold® relationship is embodied by the Citigold® Relationship Manager and the Citigold® Wealth Management Team. These professionals will partner with you to help you manage your funds better.

To start off, your designated Citigold® Relationship Manager will bring together:

  • An Investment Specialist to help you select among a global array of services.
  • A Service Relationship Manager to assist you when your Relationship Manager is not around.
  • A Citigold® Teller who will assist and process your branch transactions such as cash deposits, withdrawals, check encashments, fund transfers and applications for manager's checks.
  • A Citigold® Phone Executive on call 24 hours a day so you can bank anytime, anywhere.

Together, they will furnish you with personalized services, plus information and analysis on global economies, financial markets, and innovative products to help you make better investment decisions and attain your financial goals.

  • Travel in comfort and style