Coming soon in your mailbox:

Your new Citigold®
World Debit

Coming soon in your mailbox: Your new Citigold® World Debit Mastercard®

Your Citigold® World Debit Mastercard® brings you banking convenience locally and globally – from free ATM withdrawals to worldwide acceptance for your purchases.

Plus, your card now carries the Smart Chip technology that protects your card against card cloning.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Your Citigold World Debit Mastercard lets you book tickets or shop online. Plus, shopping is more secure with the One-Time Password. Mastercard SecureCode enabled-sites will request you to input this password sent to your registered mobile number to ensure that you're authorizing the transaction.

Shop Conveniently

Shop Conveniently

Make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled Citigold World Debit Mastercard. You can also perform cashless transactions at millions of merchants globally.

Exclusive Mastercard Privileges

Exclusive Mastercard Privileges

Gain access to exclusive social events, hotels and car rental discounts and a host of lifestyle and shopping benefits.

Cash on the go

Cash on the go

  • Free withdrawals from any bank's ATM in the Philippines and from over 20,000 Citibank ATMs worldwide.
  • Withdraw Dollars or Pesos, up to P250,000 or its equivalent currency.
  • Withdraw in the local currency of the country you are in.
Card Security Features

Card Security Features

Enjoy peace-of-mind with robust security features on your Citigold World Debit Mastercard. See below for details.

Card Security Features

Citigold World Debit Mastercard offers a comprehensive range of security features for your added security.

  • Activation can be done instantly and conveniently at any time of the day via SMS, Citibank Online and Citi Mobile.
  • A missing card can be quickly deactivated, with a replacement card sent within 7 to 10 working days.
  • The EMV-Dynamic Data Authentication Smart Chip makes the card more secure and protects you from potential identity theft and card skimming / card cloning activities.
  • Citi Alerts: Get SMS or email alerts anytime there is a transaction on your card.
    To enroll, login to Citibank Online.
  • Citibank Online and Citi Mobile: Track your account balances and transactions easily.

Activate your Citigold World Debit Mastercard through the following channels:

  • Text ACT<space>last 4 digits of your card number (i.e., ACT 1234) and send to 29480
  • Log in to your Citibank Online account ( Go to Services > My Profile > Card Activation
  • Log in to your Citi Mobile App and go to the side menu and select Manage Your Cards > Card Activation
  • Call CitiPhone at 995-9999

    • Enter your new card number
    • Press 1 to request for your One-Time PIN(OTP)
    • Press 1 to confirm receipt of OTP
    • Enter your OTP

Master the new Citigold® World Debit Mastercard®

Packed with all the features you're used to. The convenience you want. Protection you need. Plus a range of additional benefits.

Starwood Preferred Guest

Starwood Preferred Guest

Make every stay a pleasure with access to special offers and upgrades through the Starwood Preferred Guest program. From five-star resorts to delightfully quirky hotels, there's a property to suit you with year-round availability

Priceless® Cities

Priceless® Cities

Every city has its hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The Priceless Cities program opens the door to these unique experiences, with exclusive offers and invitation-only events across travel, shopping and entertainment. And for Citigold cardholders, every experience is a little more priceless

Curated Social Events

Mastercard proudly sponsors the best in sports, music, dining and entertainment from around the world. As a Citigold Debit Mastercard holder we extend these relationships to you, so you can enjoy the benefit of preferred access, exclusive deals and promotions

Kid's Dining Perks

Dining out with the family just got better. Receive a complimentary child's meal with every paying adult at selected restaurants

Mastercard Wine Privileges

Receive a complimentary bottle of wine if you spend a minimum amount with your Citigold Debit Mastercard at selected restaurants

Lifestyle Concierge

Offers and Experiences on Travel, Shopping & Lifestyle

Explore global travel offers including luxury hotels, shopping, nightlife, lifestyle, entertainment and more, excite your tastebuds at delectable dining venues all over the world and gain access to renowned golf courses across the globe

Safety Features

Authorizing Transactions

ATM transactions will require the input of your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

SMS Alerts

As an added alert feature, you will receive an SMS confirmation after every retail purchase you make through the point-of-sale (POS) terminal.1

Pre-set Monthly Withdrawal Limit and Spending Limit

  • Your card has a daily cash withdrawal limit of P250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency.
  • You have the option to set your daily retail purchase limit up to P250,000.2

Reporting of Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event that your card is lost or stolen, simply call our 24-Hour Citigold Hotline.

Citibank® N.A., – Philippine Branch
Metro Manila +632-995-9888+632-995-9888
Metro Cebu +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888

Please remember that transactions are considered valid until the card is reported lost.

1 Applies only to retail purchases done through point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

2 Applies only to Citigold World Debit Mastercard with Mastercard logo in front. The daily purchase limit can be set through our 24-hour Citigold Hotline.


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The Citigold World Debit Mastercard comes without fees and charges.

The Citigold World Debit Mastercard lets you withdraw cash from ATMs and can be used to make purchases at Mastercard accepting merchant locations. What's more, you get to enjoy Citibank's signature suite of worldwide privileges whenever you use your Citigold World Debit Mastercard.

With the Citigold World Debit Mastercard, you get to enjoy shopping at millions of Mastercard merchants globally, simply by signing for your purchases at places like restaurants, bars, groceries and daily needs, fashion apparels, pharmacies etc.

You may call our Citigold Hotline at +632-995-9888+632-995-9888 (Metro Manila) or at +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888 (Cebu).

General Information On The Citigold World Debit Mastercard

Your Citigold World Debit Mastercard is your worldwide access to your bank account. You can use it to withdraw cash from any bank's ATM1 in the Philippines and from over 20,000 Citibank ATMs worldwide, free of charge. Plus, you can now use your card to pay for retail purchases in stores where BancNet and Mastercard are accepted.

Aside from its ATM functionality, your new Citigold World Debit Mastercard now can be used to pay for your domestic and overseas retail purchases at over 24 million merchants that accept Mastercard. You may also use your Citigold World Debit Mastercard in local stores which accept BancNet.

A. Issuance/Re-carding

Your new Citigold World Debit Mastercard has smart chip technology that gives you enhanced protection against card cloning, an occurrence where your account information is fraudulently copied and transferred to a fake card. At the same time, your Citigold World Debit Mastercard is an enhancement of your current Citigold ATM Card as this allows you to withdraw cash and pay for retail purchases in stores where BancNet and Mastercard are accepted.

Once your new Citigold World Debit Mastercard is activated, your old ATM card will be deactivated.

The Citigold World Debit Mastercard has a validity period of five years. A replacement card will be sent to your mailing address before expiration.

Yes. Your co-account holder will also get a Citigold World Debit Mastercard and will enjoy the same benefits as you do.

We highly encourage that you upgrade to the new Citigold World Debit Mastercard. Aside from being able to use it for withdrawals and retail purchases, the new Citigold Mastercard Debit has a chip card that provides you enhanced protection against card cloning, an occurrence where your account information is fraudulently copied and transferred to a fake card.

The minimum purchase limit is zero. The maximum purchase limits are: Citibanking - P100,000, Citi Priority - P150,000 and Citigold - P200,000.

You may request for a replacement card by calling our Citigold Hotline at +632-995-9888+632-995-9888 (Metro Manila) or at +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888 (Cebu).

B. Citibank Online Access

Visit and click on "First time user? Register now" on the log in page.

For a complete video demonstration on how to register for Citibank Online, go to

Please ensure that you have an updated mobile number on our records to complete your Citibank Online Registration and receive SMS confirmation. Newly registered/updated mobile numbers will be able to receive SMS for CBOL and alerts, seven (3) calendar days after date of mobile update.

C. Card Usage

For BancNet terminals, you will be asked to input your PIN to authorize the transaction. For Mastercard terminals, you will be asked to sign the transaction receipt to authorize the transaction.

The account you nominated to be linked for your retail purchases will be debited.

No, your Citigold World Debit Mastercard cannot be used for these types of transactions.

Your retail purchase will be declined.

The transaction amount from your retail purchase will be temporarily put on hold until this is settled with the merchant. The amount of cash available for withdrawal is your available balance.

Sample Computation for Illustration Purposes:

Before the Retail Purchase
Deposit Balance Php10,000
Available Balance Php10,000

Retail Purchase Amount = Php500

After the Retail Purchase
Deposit Balance Php10,000
Available Balance Php9,500

As illustrated above, please be aware that after making retail purchases, the retail purchase transaction amount will be placed on hold. We highly recommend that you nominate to link a savings account for Citigold World Debit Mastercard. In case you prefer to nominate a checking account, kindly take note of your Available Balance when issuing checks.

For local ATM and retail purchases transactions, you will not be charged any fees. For foreign transactions, the converted amount shall be charged up to 3.02%, representing the Bank's service fee and any assessment fee(s) charged by Mastercard.

Sample computation for illustration purposes:

International Retail Purchase Amount/Mastercard

Plus International ATM Withdrawal = $100

Foreign Currency Amount Converted to Peso Amount = $100 x P43 per $1* = P4,300

Total Peso Amount to be Withdrawn from your Account = P4,300 + (P4,300 x 3.02%) = P4,429.86

*The foreign exchange rate may vary. The foreign exchange rate of Mastercard on the time of posting will be used.

For Citi® Peso e-Savings and Citi® Peso High Rate Savings Account, your retail purchase is included in the 2 free monthly withdrawals. If the account linked to your Citigold World Debit Mastercard is one of these accounts and you go beyond the 2 free monthly withdrawals, you will be charged Php20 for every retail purchase. We do not allow Citi® Peso e-Savings Plus account to be linked with your Citigold World Debit Mastercard as you will be charged Php100 for every retail purchase.

Here are some safety tips to ensure that your transactions are secured:

  • Sign on your card immediately.
  • Always keep your cards and card details in a safe place.
  • Do not share your debit card PIN, account and personal information, and signature with anyone.
  • Your Citigold World Debit Mastercard is only for your personal and exclusive use. Please do not hand it over to anybody – family members, friends, strangers, even to people who claim to be Citibank officers. You shall be responsible for any usage of your card or debits on your account made by any person.
  • Any verification of your card at any store, restaurant, etc. should be done in your presence. Remember to get your card back after every purchase.
  • Check your transaction receipt for the card number and the amount charged to your card after every purchase.
  • Keep your transaction receipts safe, to tally them against your monthly statement of account.
  • Carefully check your monthly statement of account and report any unusual or suspicious looking transactions to your Relationship Manager or to our Citigold Hotline at +632-995-9888+632-995-9888 (Metro Manila) or at +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888 (Cebu).

D. Stolen/Lost Card

Please call immediately your Relationship Manager or our Citigold Hotline at +632-995-9888+632-995-9888 (Metro Manila) or +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888 (Cebu) to report that your card is lost/stolen.

E. Disputes

You can raise a complaint in the branch or call our Citigold Hotline at +632-995-9888+632-995-9888 (Metro Manila) or at +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888 (Cebu).

If in the course of the investigation, a sales slip(s) is/are retrieved, a P250 sales retrieval fee will be charged to your account for every sales slip retrieval made. For fraud cases, the P250 sales retrieval fee is waived.

If the nature of your dispute is fraud-related, your compromised card will be blocked and a new Citigold World Debit Mastercard will be issued. You can pick up your new Citigold World Debit Mastercard from the branch where your account was opened.

No, you will not be credited for the amount you're disputing while we investigate this. You will, however, be notified of the status of your dispute in 60 days. During this time, we will need to coordinate with BancNet, Mastercard, and the merchant respectively.

If the transaction is found to be valid, the bank will no longer credit back any amount to your account.

You can call our 24-Hour Citigold Hotline at +632-995-9888+632-995-9888 (Metro Manila) or at +6332-234-9888+6332-234-9888 (Cebu).

1 Any bank's ATM includes Bancnet, Megalink and Expressnet ATMs only.

Locate your nearest branch or ATM through Find My Citi.

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Member: PDIC, Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000

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