Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Enjoy Peace of mind with credit life insurance.

We understand that having a credit card entails utmost prudence and discipline. With the range of credit insurance products brokered by CFSI, you and your family can enjoy peace of mind. You can use your credit facility anytime, anywhere without worrying about unexpected occurrences such as loss of life, disability, or diagnosis of serious illness with a credit insurance policy.

Credit Insurance Products

Citi Card Protection® - Credit Insurance

Citi Card Protection®

  • Convenient 24-Hour worldwide reporting hotline to call in case of credit card loss.
  • Up to P40,000 coverage per unauthorized transaction and up to P200,000 coverage per credit card per year from fraudulent card use arising from card loss or identity theft.
CreditShield Plus - Credit Insurance

CreditShield Plus

  • Relieve your family from financial burden in the event of loss of life, disability, or serious illness
  • Outstanding Balance protection at a reasonable premium, with a coverage up to P600,000
CreditShield Premier - Credit Insurance

CreditShield Premier

  • Settle your Citi Card outstanding balance in case of hospital confinement, diagnosis of serious illness or loss of life