Supplementary Credit Card

Share the benefits of
your Citi Card

 A mother and her two daughters posing for a picture after getting Citi supplementary credit cards.
Apply for up to 7 supplementary cards

Apply for up to 7 supplementary cards.

Spend limit

Set spend limits of as low as P10,000.

Earn points

Earn points, miles or rebates from their purchases.

Apply for Citi Supplementary Card in 4 Easy Steps



Download the Supplementary Card Application form here:


You can fill out this PDF form using your computer or mobile device.



Completely fill out the application form, print and then sign. Make sure that you and your supplementary card applicant sign the form.



Scan the fully signed application form together with the supplementary card applicant's photo-bearing government-issued ID.

Refer to link for the list of acceptable IDs.



Send the scanned documents to with the SUPPLEMENTARY APPLICANT'S FULL NAME as email subject.

FAQs on Add-on Credit Cards

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Citibank supplementary credit cards are additional credit cards offered under a primary credit card. Primary cardholders can extend the credit card benefits and privileges to their family members by adding them as supplementary cardholders. The purchases made from supplementary cards may be eligible to earn points, miles, or rebates.

The primary credit cardholder can add another user (a family member), to his/her account. Once added, any spends made using the secondary credit card will be consolidated with the primary credit cardholder’s monthly billing statement. Citibank allows primary cardholders to add up to 7 supplementary cards.

Each Citibank supplementary credit card type has different annual membership fees. For example, the Citi Simplicity+ card does not charge any annual membership fee. However, the Citi Rewards Supplementary Card charges an annual membership fee of Php 1,250.


Your supplementary card application is subject to bank evaluation and approval. Please expect an SMS or a call from Citi for updates on the status of your application.