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Visa payWave for your Citi credit card - Citibank Philippines

Introducing the 1st Visa payWave technology for Citi® Cards.

Be the first to experience the future of payments. Citi® Visa Cards now come with the payWave feature allowing you to pay for your purchases by just tapping on the terminal. Best of all, be assured of secure transactions because the card never leaves your hand.

No signing, no waiting. Just tap to pay.

Visa payWave for Citi credit cards - Citibank Philippines

Citi® Visa payWave cards are accepted at

Paywave Card with Citibank Philippines

If you are an existing Citi® Visa cardholder, your card will be automatically upgraded to payWave upon renewal.

Alternatively, you may also request for a replacement card by calling 995 9999995 9999.

Benefits & Features
  • It is faster and more convenient as you no longer need to worry about carrying pockets of cash. You don't need to sign* anything nor wait for your change.
  • It is safer as the card never leaves your hand upon making a payment. Plus, it is equipped with the latest chip technology that prevents your card information from being copied.
  • It prevents multiple billings despite the number of times you tap your card for the same transaction.

* Applicable to transactions below P2,000.


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Visa payWave is a new feature available on Citi® Visa Cards that allows contactless payments. This means you can simply tap your card on the terminal to pay. No swiping or dipping is necessary for cards that are Visa payWave.

Your Citi® Visa payWave Card provides a secure and faster way to pay. Simply tap your card on the terminal and be on your way. For low-ticket items, cardholder signature is not required. Plus, it uses a newer chip technology that gives you enhanced protection against fraud due to cloning.

You can use your Citi® Visa payWave Card at merchants with contactless terminals. Simply hold your Card on the terminal screen and wait for the beep. A card sales slip will be issued when the transaction is complete.

You can use your Citi® Visa payWave Card for any amount within your available credit line.

For a Citi® Visa payWave terminal, you will not be required to sign for transactions below P2,000.

You can use your Citi® Visa payWave Card at Metro Manila branches of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket, Eastwood and Lucky Chinatown Cinemas. We will soon be adding more merchants. Just look for the contactless symbol at the merchant's store façade and/or checkout counters.

Yes. Your Citi® Visa payWave Card can still be used for traditional credit card payment transactions, where you will be asked to swipe or dip your card in the terminal.

Yes. Your Citi® Visa payWave Card is protected with the latest contactless technology that prevents your card information from being copied. Also, your card never leaves your hand when you make a payment so you're always in control. However, just like any credit card, please treat your card like cash. Please do not give your credit card to anyone or share your PINs with anyone. If your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately.

No. Your Citi® Visa payWave Card has to be in very close proximity (within 4 cm) to the contactless terminal and held for less than a second for it to be read by the terminal. Plus the cashier must first enter an amount on the terminal before a transaction is processed.

No. Even if you tap more than once at the checkout, you will only get billed once for your purchase.

All transactions are issued a card sales slip.

To make contactless transactions, you will need a card with the Visa payWave technology. If your card features a contactless mark Wave on the front of the card beside the chip, then it is Visa payWave-enabled. The contactless symbol is a small logo that has four waves or four curved lines, just like a toppled Wi-Fi symbol.

If you are a current Citi® Visa cardholder, we will issue you with a new credit card with Visa payWave when your current card is due to expire, or as a replacement if it is reported as lost or stolen. Alternatively, if your card is not due to expire, a replacement card can be issued by calling 995 9999995 9999.

As with any Citi® card, please call CitiPhone at 995 9999995 9999. If you make a report immediately, you will not be liable for transactions using your card after such report.

Yes, you can use your Citi® Visa payWave Card overseas if the merchant has a contactless reader that accepts Visa PayWave cards. If Visa payWave is not available, your card can still be swiped or dipped in a terminal, where Visa cards are accepted.

Currently, this is only available for all Citi® Visa Cards.

Yes. Just like any of the traditional purchases you've had with your non-contactless Citi® Visa Card, you do not lose your entitlement to rewards/points, rebates, etc.

Click here to view the Citi Visa payWave Terms and Conditions.