Redeem Anything
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Enjoy the flexibility to redeem anything you want with your Citibank Platinum VISA Card.
Citibank Rewards are not limited to items in the catalog. You can visit your favorite stores and use your points to pay for your purchases. If there's something else you fancy, just give us a call and we'll find it for you.
When redeeming items not found in the Citibank Rewards Catalog at our merchant partners, simply call 995 9888 to speak to a CitiPhone Officer who will help you find the item you want. Once we have your details, we'll find them for you and let you know how many points you need within five (5) banking days. If you are happy to proceed, we will place the order and your item will be delivered to you within two weeks.
*The program is only available to Citibank Platinum Visa Cardholders. A minimum of 50,000 Rewards Points is needed for redemption.
Terms and Conditions
The Citibank REDEEM ANYTHING Program, which allows Citibank Platinum Cardholders to redeem any goods and services for Rewards Points accumulated through specified use of Citibank Platinum, has the following terms and conditions:
  • Only Citibank Platinum Cardholders are eligible to redeem through the REDEEM ANYTHING Program.
  • Citibank Platinum Cardholders can redeem by calling the 24-hour Platinum Priority Hotline at 995-9888 in Metro Manila or 234-9888 in Metro Cebu.
  • Citibank Platinum Cardholder must have a minimum 50,000 Rewards Points ("RP") to be able to request for the redemption of any item or service of his choice provided that the total RPs needed for redemption are likewise sufficient.
  • Citibank Platinum Cardholder can only request for one item at a time.
  • If Cardholder chooses to redeem an item or service of his choice, he must provide Citibank with all the relevant details relating to his proposed REDEEM ANYTHING item including estimated price in Pesos, brand, size, color, and/or name of the intended supplier and/or vendor. Citibank may request that Cardholder provides this information to Citibank via a signed written request
  • When considering whether to fulfill a request for REDEEM ANYTHING, Citibank can choose at its absolute discretion, to source or purchase the item from an supplier and/or vendor
  • Citibank will notify Cardholder via telephone the total amount of Rewards Points required to redeem the REDEEM ANYTHING item and the estimated time of delivery of such item.
  • If item is worth less than 50,000 Rewards Points, Citibank has the sole discretion whether to allow processing of the redemption. Should Citibank decide to allow redemption below 50,000 Rewards Points, an additional 3,000 Rewards Points will be added to the total redemption cost of the item. Cardholder will have to confirm whether to proceed with the redemption.
  • If item is worth 50,000 Rewards Points or more, Cardholder will have to confirm whether he will proceed with the redemption.
  • Once Cardholder confirms to proceed with the redemption via telephone, Citibank will send a confirmation letter to the Cardholder via e-mail indicating the details of the order. If Citibank does not receive any feedback from the Cardholder within 48 hours regarding the accuracy of the information indicated in the email, or if Cardholder replies via email to reconfirm, Citibank will proceed with the order.
  • Once confirmation of redemption is accessed by Citibank, the order cannot be revoked or canceled.
  • If Cardholder's existing Rewards Points is not sufficient to redeem the item of his choice, Cardholder will be informed that the request cannot be processed.
  • Citibank may refuse any request for REDEEM ANYTHING which:
    • In its view is inconsistent with its corporate standards;
    • In its view is not appropriate as a Reward item
    • In its view cannot be ordered without some personal knowledge of an individual's taste including custom-made items; or
    • Cannot be fulfilled due to unavailability or other causes
  • Principal Accountholders will exercise the right of redemption for RPs earned through supplemental usage.
  • All Rewards items and Rewards certificates will be dispatched by courier or post to the last known address for Cardholder's Account. Delivery will only be made to either the home or business address as indicated in the Cardholder's customer records with Citibank N.A. Philippines. Allow about 2 weeks for delivery within Metro Manila and 3 weeks for CAMANAVA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela) and provincial areas.
  • All Rewards items must be inspected by Cardholder immediately for damage or defect without destroying the original package. If after inspection, Cardholder finds that the Rewards item is defective or damaged, Cardholder can request for an exchange for the same Rewards item within 48 hours of receipt by calling Citibank. Citibank shall pick up the reported defective Rewards item for inspection within 1 week from the date the report the defective item was made. Should the dispute be found valid, Citibank shall replace the Rewards item within two weeks from the date of the final inspection. A dispute is valid when there is damage or manufacturing defect in the Rewards item or when the description of the Rewards item indicated on the confirmation letter sent by Citibank to the Cardholder is found to be inconsistent with the actual Rewards item delivered. A handling fee of Php 500 will be charged to the Cardholder for each Rewards item retrieved by Citibank arising from an invalid dispute.
  • Terms and Conditions specified in the latest Citibank Rewards Catalogue Program will also apply to the REDEEM ANYTHING Program.
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