Cash up to 6x* your salary.

Cash up to 6x* your salary.

Whether it's to buy your dream gadget or upgrade your home, get the funds you need with the Citi® Salary Loan.

Employee Benefits:

  • Cash of up to 6x your salary with loans starting at P25,000
  • Light and flexible installment plans of up to 48 months
  • Cash available in as fast as 3 business days*
  • Convenient payment through monthly salary deduction
  • No processing fee
  • Hassle-free application
  • Apply for a loan and receive the loan proceeds without having to leave the office

Company Benefits:

  • No need to use company funds to finance employee loans
  • Offer the Citi® Salary Loan as part of employees' benefits
  • Minimal administrative work
  • Monthly payments of employees will be via salary deduction

*All loans are subject to Credit Standards, Terms and Conditions.

For inquiries about the Citi® Corporate Employee Loan Program (for Employers), you may contact us at

For inquiries about the Citi® Salary Loan Program (for Employees), you may contact your company HR or Service Relationship Manager.